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Lab Mission: To perform world-class musculoskeletal research in a family environment

Lab News:


On a Roll!!

We have been having a very good few weeks here. We have had 10 papers accepted in the 14 weeks between March 24th and June 24th. This productivity reflects the great work of a number of students and postdocs. Kudos to Jennifer Paxton for the two papers describing the generation of an in vitro ligament that we hope will one day be used to replace ruptured ACLs in people. A special mention for Andy Philp as well. His paper on reversing insulin resistance with amino acids was recently highlighted by the American Journal of Physiology with a special commentary.

FMBL on the Cover:
An image from our recent review in ACTA Physiologica was used for the cover art.
Lab Photo:


Lab Members 3/08/2010: Left, Leigh Breen (visiting fellow), Andy Philp, Amy Patten, Micah Belew, Don Pham,
Itwinder Singh, George Marcotte, Alastair Khodabukus, Helen Lam, Keith Baar, Right

Policy on the Determination of Authorship in the Functional Molecular Biology Laboratory

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